2018 - Current Status of Cats in Coconino County (cont.)

Jacie doing adoptions at PetSmart For many years, CHA has funded a full-time adoption counselor who does adoptions at PetSmart. This has doubled the cat adoptions over the years. They support the Ark by also handling Ark adoptions at PetSmart, and we support CHA by taking large numbers of cats from them.
As a result of our teamwork, CHA has made some significant changes in the last year. These changes include:
  • They routinely get veterinary care for the animals under their control.
  • Bite-case cats are no longer euthanized. CHA has come to understand that most cat bites are caused by improper handling. The staff has been open to understanding the nature of fearful cats.
  • They are now treating outbreaks of upper respiratory infections in cats at the shelter.
  • CHA’s current director, Michelle Ryan, has been very easy to work with and open about issues we face as a team. She is open to the perspectives that others have to contribute to the effort to save the creatures that the public discards.Summer Saturday night at the shelter- cat pickup time

2016 - Record Year for Intake and Adoptions at the Ark Cat Sanctuary

“2016 was our biggest year ever in terms of  total intake and adoptions,” reports Sue Marue, founder of the Ark.

"The Ark took in 747 cats or kittens and adopted out 607 of them. Of the 746 total, 567 came from Coconino Humane, the county and city supported animal shelter for Flagstaff and Coconino County. The rest came from the general public."

"We lost 32 of these lovely creatures to various illnesses, primarily the Calici virus, but considering that most of the shelter cats were already sick when we took them or were high-risk abandoned kittens, we’re very pleased with our results. The Ark received a grant for medical care from the Arizona Community Foundation (ACF) and, frankly, without that support, our numbers would not be this impressive."

In 2015, The Ark was fortunate to receive a grant from ACF which helped fund the building of our mom/kitten habitat. That grant allowed us to take in 11 nursing moms and  their kittens this past kitten season. Having all those moms and kittens in one location was quite a challenge but it certainly helped to save a lot of precious lives.

CatGrayTabbyAll of the cats or kittens who are put into our adoption program have been spayed or neutered, vaccinated appropriately for their age and micro-chipped.

We are very proud of the fact that, unlike a lot of shelters, The Ark is run exclusively for the benefit and the betterment of the cats. Most of our budget (a little under $100,000) was spent on medical care. We have the usual expenses: water, electricity, and minor repairs, but the balance of our money goes to provide direct care of the cats.

The majority of our kittens are cared for by volunteers in our foster program. These cat lovers/volunteers, who are the backbone of our organization, generously give their time to ensure that the kittens are well-cared for and socialized before being placed in a permanent home. Their efforts make it possible to offer the cat or kitten's new "moms and dads" great insights into their new family member's likes and dislikes which help to ensure a good fit personality-wise.

We’re incredibly grateful to our dedicated fosters and to our donors who helped provide the resources to make 2016 our most successful year ever!